LiveLIKEtheMT_0216#GivingTuesday is a special call to action to create a global day of giving that brings diverse organizations and communities around the world together to give back. Join us on November 28th by making a donation to the Destiny City Film Festival!

#GiveLikeTheMountainIsOut #GivingTuesdaySouthSound

The Destiny City Film Festival is Tacoma’s foremost celebration of cinematic storytelling dedicated to building an engaged community through shared experience. Everyone has a story. When we share our experiences with one another, we understand each other more and develop a more connected, powerful and thoughtful community. DCFF is proud to be a part of this process.

DCFF relies on the generous support from the community and film lovers to produce the annual film festival. Your contribution will assist with the cost of venue rental fees, program printing, film acquisition and shipping, filmmaker hospitality, and much, much more.

All gifts are tax deductible.