When the Storm Passes

Director: Luke W.R. Sarabacha, Benjamin D. Sarabacha
Running Time: 8 min
Location: USA
DCFF SCreening: 2022


“Then, in one moment, she put forth the charm of woven paces and of waving hands, and in the hollow oak he lay as dead, and lost to life and use and name and fame. Then crying ‘I have made his glory mine, ‘ and shrieking out ‘O fool !’ the harlot leapt adown the forest, and the thicket closed behind her, and the forest echo’d ‘fool.'”

DCFF Screening Information

Plays in the Evergreen Shorts program

Streaming virtually beginning March 4th and plays in-person at the Blue Mouse Theatre on Friday, March 4th at 7:30pm!

In competition for Excellence in Music Video, Experimental or Animation Storytelling

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