The World In Your Window

The World In Your Window

Director: Zoe McIntosh
Running Time: 15
Location: New Zealand
DCFF SCreening: 2018


Eight-year-old Jesse lives in a twilight world of sadness and silence, squeezed into a tiny caravan with his grief stricken father. They’re in limbo, existing more than living. The child intuitively understands that looking forward is harder than looking back, and that’s where life happens. But they are stuck, until an accidental friendship with a V8 driving trans woman unlocks the means for Jesse to liberate his father and himself.

Screening History & Awards

*Official Selection: Melbourne, Tribeca, Palm Springs, New Zealand, Busan and Prague Film Festivals

DCFF Screening Information

Plays with the Around the World in 93 Minutes Shorts package

Saturday, February 24th, 12:30pm


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