Sac de Merde

Sac de Merde

Director: Greg Chwerchak
Running Time: 14
Location: USA
DCFF SCreening: 2019


Based on a true story, “Sac de Merde” tells the tale of Mazel Mankewicz, an unlucky-in-love, yet irrationally optimistic New Yorker who thinks her luck has changed when she meets the man of her dreams. As it turns out, he might just be full of shit. Literally.

Screening History & Awards

*Official Selection: Fargo, Irvine International, Las Cruces International, DC Shorts, Oxford, Mammoth, Dam Short, Nevada International, Fort Lauderdale International, St. Louis International, and New York Short Film Festivals

DCFF Screening Information

Plays with the DCFF After Dark Shorts 

Saturday, February 23rd, 9:15pm

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