For Grace

Director: Mark Helenowski, Kevin Pang
Running Time: 92
Location: USA
DCFF SCreening: 2015


Curtis Duffy, one of the country’s most renowned chefs, is building his dream restaurant at the worst time of his personal life. Already the recipient of two coveted stars from the Michelin Guide, Duffy has ambitions for his Chicago restaurant Grace to become the best in the country. But his laser focus on his cooking career cost Duffy his marriage and two young daughters. ‘For Grace’ follows the building of Grace from concrete box to its opening night. It’s a story about food, family, balance and sacrifice. It also revisits Duffy’s turbulent childhood — How a teacher recognized talent in a troubled teenager, how an unimaginable family tragedy made Duffy seek refuge in the kitchen, and how cooking ultimately exacted a price.

Screening History & Awards

Niagara Film Festival – Winner! Best Documentary

Minneapolis-St. Paul Film Festival – Best of Fest

Nashville Film Festival – Best of Fest


Vancouver International Film Festival

Hot Docs

Seattle International Film Festival

Melbourne International Film Festival

DCFF Screening Information

Sunday, August 30th, 3:00pm

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