Desert Runners

Desert Runners

Director: Jennifer Steinman
Running Time: 95 minutes
Location: USA
DCFF SCreening: 2014


A diverse cast of non-professional runners attempt to complete the most difficult ultramarathon race series on Earth. Their dramatic journey takes them across the world’s most picturesque, yet brutal landscapes, pushing their bodies, hearts and spirits through a myriad of external and internal obstacles. Desert Runners delves into the mindset of ultra-athletes, and the complex ways in which human beings deal with both heartbreak and triumph.

Screening History & Awards

Mill Valley Film Festival

Hamptons Film Festival — WINNER! Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature

Denver Starz Film Festival

Seattle International Film Festival

Nantucket Film Festival

Vancouver International Film Festival — WINNER! Audience Award for Most Popular Documentary Feature

DCFF Screening Information

Sunday, August 3rd, at 11:00am

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