Blood, Sweat and Beer

Blood, Sweat and Beer

Director: Chip Hiden, Alexis Irvin
Running Time: 70
Location: USA
DCFF SCreening: 2015


BLOOD, SWEAT AND BEER is a feature documentary about the explosive growth of the craft beer industry and the dramatic journeys of two start-up breweries. The film follows a trio of 23-year-olds as they struggle to start The Brew Gentlemen Beer Co. in Braddock, PA. Matt, Asa and Brandon hope their brewery will help this once-prosperous steel town bounce back from decades of neglect, violence, and population loss. The film also tells the emotional story of Danny Robinson, boardwalk brewery owner and restauranteur whose empire is threatened by an aggressive trademark lawsuit that could leave him penniless. Four entrepreneurs, two brand new breweries, and one ultimate goal: to quench the thirst of the craft-craving masses.

Screening History & Awards

Washington D.C. Independent Film Festival

Atlanta Film and Video Festival

Sidewalk Film Festival

Rome International Film Festival

Atlanta Film Festival

Newport Beach Film Festival

Sarasota Film Festival

DCFF Screening Information

Sunday, August 30th, 5:00pm — at THE RED HOT (2914 6th Avenue) — FREE!

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