Where are they now? Chapter 1

Where are they now? Chapter 1

After 5 seasons, 75+ short screenplays read, and 130+ films programmed, DCFF has met so many awesome filmmakers, artists and writers. As we look forward to our 6th annual festival (February 22-24, 2019), we thought this was a great opportunity to check back in with some of our alumni. This is our first installment of, “DCFF Alumni: Where are they now?” Please check back for future posts and lots of updates and news about our filmmakers and writers.


Mischa Jakupcak – 2014 DCFF filmmaker, The Hero Pose

Mischa is a Seattle-based film producer, director and writer (and more!) who has had a hand in making dozens of films over the last 10+ years. In 2014, her short film, The Hero Pose, won the DCFF Storyteller’s Award for Excellence in Short Narrative Storytelling. Since then, she has 8 producing credits, 1 directing credit, and 2 writing credits in various films – many involving Pacific Northwest-based casts and crews, including the 2017 DCFF short documentary, Little Potato. We can’t wait to see what she works on next! Learn more about Mischa.






Jeffrey Palmer photoJeffrey Palmer – 2016 DCFF screenwriter, Split Costs

Jeffrey is a Massachusetts-based screenwriter, director, actor and producer, whose short script, Split Costs, won our 2016 Short Screenplay Competition. Shortly after the win at DCFF, the script was produced into a short film that has since played at over 20 film festivals around the country. We always love reading Jeffrey’s new scripts, and know that there are big things ahead of him. Learn more about Jeffrey.






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