How many people does it take to make an independent movie?

How many people does it take to make an independent movie?

Not as many as other films might, if Jim Jarmusch is at the helm. What other directors write the screenplay and also contribute to the score of their film? Sure, the writer/director role is common, especially in independent film. And I’m sure directors, from time to time, have their hand in any number of other filmmaking elements – like set and costume design, lighting, cinematography, and even acting (a la Woody Allen and Alfred Hitchcock). But I’m impressed about Jarmusch’s latest efforts in ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, his first film in 4 years. Who wouldn’t be curious about a film starring Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston as Eve & Adam – 2 vampires that have been in love for centuries? Weave Jarmusch’s musical talents to that storyline, and you’ve got a film I know I just need to see to believe.


Only Lovers Left Alive poster

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