What about the screenplay competition?

What about the screenplay competition?

The Destiny City Film Festival loves great storytelling. One of the reasons we founded the fest was to showcase and encourage writers to keep writing and for filmmakers to keep telling their stories on screen. After all, a great movie is nothing without a great script. By celebrating screenwriting, the Destiny City Film Festival is supporting the entire filmmaking and storytelling process. We know that writers and filmmakers everywhere have something to share, and a story that is destined to be heard, seen or read. We want to bridge the gap between those stories, and our audiences. Thus, our festival was created to support every stage of storytelling from beginning to end – from the first words written down to the final end credits of a film. We know that this new first-of-its-kind-in-Tacoma short screenplay competition will further enhance and support the local film community, and we are thrilled to be the middleman.

Calling all screenwriters!! We are accepting submissions now for the first annual Destiny City Film Festival short screenplay competition. Learn more here.

Emily loves movies and Tacoma. Thus, the Destiny City Film Festival was born in 2013 and has been going strong ever since!


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