Short Term 12

Short Term 12

short-term-twelveAs a festival programmer or director, sometimes you encounter a film that just sticks with you. And the dozens of films you watch after it somehow don’t compare. For me, that film is SHORT TERM 12. The original short film screened at the Tacoma Film Festival back in 2009 and ended up being nominated for the Best Short Narrative Film award. Earlier this year I was thrilled to learn that the short had been adapted into a feature film and would be distributed in theaters across the country this past Fall. The film won accolades at festivals across the country (SXSW, Maui, Los Angeles and more), and let me tell you – they were wholly deserved. If you didn’t get a chance to see SHORT TERM 12 in theaters this year, do yourself a favor and save it on your Netflix list, or find another way to see it. It’s one of the truest films I’ve seen in a while. Looking forward to more from director Destin Cretton!

Emily loves movies and Tacoma. Thus, the Destiny City Film Festival was born in 2013 and has been going strong ever since!


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